Futhark Generator


Aquarius (Thinker)
Jera (Harvest)
Reversed The High Priestess - II

You rolled the Aquarius sign! This results in a Thinker-class power. Thinkers have augmented minds, or sensory abilities beyond any reasonable human limit, such as x-ray vision.

You also rolled the Jera rune! This results in the flavor Harvest, which gives a power that requires some kind of buildup before it can be used. Optionally, if your power requires an element in order to manifest, the element associated with this rune is sand(mystic earth)

Finally, you drew The High Priestess - II, Reversed. Your power acts on your behalf apart from your conscious direction. This can be an automatic response to circumstance or in response to mental or emotional states and can work for or against you dependent on the power.