Futhark Generator


Your Roll: (Roll again?)

Capricorn (Mover)
Fehu (Wealth)
King of Coins

You rolled the Capricorn sign! This results in a Mover-class power. Movers have the ability to move themselves or others. This may be through super speed, teleportation, or other methods.

You also rolled the Fehu rune! This results in the flavor Wealth, which gives a power that operates on some sort of fuel. Optionally, if your power requires an element in order to manifest, the element associated with this rune is mystic water

Finally, you drew the King of Coins. This rank modifies your power so that your choice of any two of Potency, Versatility, and Control are increased but the remainder is decreased. This suit rounds out your power, roll for a second sign/category and apply it along with the first.