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This is a creative work with many contributors. Special thanks go out to the following (in no particular order), for their efforts:

  • Wildbow for tons of amazing stuff, including but not limited to being the creative mastermind behind Worm, everything Parahumans, and the power classification system used by this generator. Classifications, story, characters, and other elements are his by right, we're just playing in his sandbox
  • /u/ughzubat for coordination, images, descriptions, and mechanics and so much more
  • /u/TELL_ME_TO_CALM_DOWN for unflipping tables
  • /u/DrOlot for Tarot Card usage and concepts
  • Aaron C (/u/farfromunique) for backend code
  • /u/Brutusness for looking at stuff and saying "neat"
  • /u/misterspokes for merkstave rune information. Also stuff and/or junk
  • /u/GreatWyrmGold for various ideas for cards, runes, etc
  • /u/Lapisdust for making sure we included the Minor Arcana

Poker card images were generated by Aaron Coquet from a standard font and images found online, except for Jokers. If you are the creator, please contact me!

Joker images are adapted from the Joker emoji, copyright Mozilla [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Major and Minor Arcana images are pulled from Wikipedia, and are part of the Rider-Waite tarot deck. Per the Wikipedia page, this work is Copyright © 1910 in the United kingdom and European Union, but is Public Domain in the United States.