Futhark Generator



Have you heard of Worm? If not, please read me first!

New Power / Reroll

You rolled the Taurus sign! This results in a Brute-class power. Brutes have super durability or physical super strength, such as a personal force-field.

Characters remaining: 4000

You threw the Jera rune! This results in the flavor Harvest, which gives a power that requires some kind of buildup before it can be used

Optionally, if your power requires an element in order to manifest, the element associated with this rune is sand, which roughly correlates to mystic earth (but you can ignore this if it doesn't fit!).

Characters remaining: 4000
Two of Diamonds

Your power has a drawback. Increase your Potency, but decrease your choice of Control or Versatility.

Characters remaining: 4000
After clicking the 'Save' button, the URL of this page will change to the perma-link for your power.